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The word "Jade" was originally the name of two birds

The word jadeite originally was the name of two birds, the red feather bird called "feek", green feather bird "cui", later people have the same color jade also known as "jade". For hundreds of years, the praise of the literati has added a lot of spirituality to the beauty of the essence of heaven and earth. Since the early Ming dynasty and early qing dynasty, the jade has been transferred to China, and the spread of Chinese culture has affected overseas. From the emperor qianlong to the empress dowager, the emperor loved jade. Therefore, jade in the qing dynasty also has "royal jade" reputation. The popular opinion abroad also thinks that jade is the national stone of China, which is called "imperial jade".

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Jade is mainly made of jadeite minerals or other sodic with high jadeite molecules composed of pyroxene, also known as sodium aluminum pyroxene, also a small amount of other associated pyroxene, amphibole and feldspar minerals such as sodium. Ingredient: NaAl(Si2O6). English: Jadeite. Hardness of 6.5~7, proportion of about 3.33, refractive index 1.66.
Jadeite is a precious gemstone, a reputation as the king of jade. It is a symbol of luck and happiness that jade and emeralds are listed as birthstones in May. In the east, especially in Japan, the southeast Asian countries and Hong Kong and Macao regions are deeply loved by people. Jadeite is produced in Burma, and the world's jadeite is used in the world. Some of it is art sculpture, most of which is made into various kinds of jewelry, such as lotus, ring, earring, brooch and so on.
Jade jewelry, beautiful and elegant form is deeply conforms to the essence of Chinese traditional culture, is the symbol of the classical spirit rhyme, between clever chic is a memorable beauty to the person, is a kind of from the depths of the cultural soft flavor, is a kind of historical precipitation, beautiful deposition; Don't have a charm. So deep crystal, implicative mysterious, meaningful and precious jade jewelry is the fashion world's eternal fashion, which is the eternal trend of the fashion industry. It is classical and modern. The jade, which is engraved with auspicious patterns, is a symbol of luck and happiness, and is what people call a blessing jewel.
Ordinary people often think is emerald green, actually otherwise, in addition to the popular shades of green, emerald and red, yellow, white, black, grey, blue, and purple, and in various shades, a coexist at the same time have a variety of color of jade, is not only meaningful, and more valuable. Such as red, green, and is known as the "double happiness", the coexistence of red, green, purple is the "fu lu shou", coupled with the yellow is a "big four", and if there is white background is precious, is known as the "five blessings". If a man or woman in a western country is proud of having one or two of the emerald green, pure and flawless jade ornaments. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy and the increase of personal income, the jade ornament in the city has gradually become fashionable. On jade, red, green, purple and yellow coexist, meaning fu, lu, shou, xi, it is a very high value of jade.

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