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There is jade in the hand, there is jade in the heart

Inexplicable more and more like jade. The first jade, is a heart - shaped pendant. The man that male friend calls jade shop brings out a small dish jade pendant completely, he says: "choose, which can represent my heart." The jade pendant lining of emerald green is on the flannelette of bright red, each is so lukewarm run glittering and translucent, bright and clear, exciting. Finally, I chose one that was almost flawless and looked after by the sun. The earth and the sky united in my fingers, and I wondered what kind of stone it was, and what kind of stone it could be used to hold human love.

Later jade, is an emerald bracelet. Wearing a jade bracelet at the wrist, seems to be more than what, at least in leisure, can be carefully played. Turning a jade bracelet. Look at its green green, there is a careful texture, looking at, will have many never had the feeling, as if the jade is my body after the wheel lingering rainbow.

Listen to people say, if you can really jade years and years and people skin close, breath phase moisten, will become more fine moist wan wan, rich spirit of life. With jade, can calm the mind and body, calm mind, more can ward off evil spirits disaster, special efficacy is those after buried with jade, would gives birth to veins in the emerald green, the sudden blood suddenly, is the dead JingXie spiritual cohesion, old people always did say so, but I have heard often lose: so, who can not come to life regeneration, may also with jade and into another form of forever? Isn't that nirvana?

So now of my wrist "emerald green" it is to pass which generation the skin of which woman is rubbed, this light red fei, is who jing blood place? After I die, my "emerald green" my "fei" appear again where?

People are the most self-amorous, since all things in the world, love and justice only people, because there is a "non-wood stone, who can be ruthless", is not ruthless wood stone? "A dream of red mansions" in the birth of baoyu mouth containing beautiful jade, "baoyu" is just a body, love is the soul of this jade. Could the jade bracelet on my hand that refuses to fall off be the one who loved me before? And I am but the crimson herb that once drank his sweet drink? Because of the wrong fate, this life he is stone I am a person, who can prove that he is not every day in my wrist quietly said a preexistence language? And who can prove that he is no more than I?

Therefore, always pay attention to each kind of jade, love each kind of jade, believe that each piece of jade is loaded with a story we can not decipher but can feel. Jade is priceless, no grade, each piece of stone from ancient to beautiful jade, they experienced the same disaster is profound.

Beautiful jade, colorful, green jade, yellow jade, white jade, purple jade... Suddenly I thought, how did jade come from?

The original jade is just a rough heavy brown stone, jade is the heart of this kind of stone, need careful consideration, can explore its beautiful quality, and need more than 10 processes can be polished instrument.

When I heard others say so, the hand is holding a "violet" jade wishful, the glittering and translucent violet light, through, as if it can really elegant violet fragrance. Why is it not the ancient plant born beautiful violet fossil, but by the rough ugly stone do its pu?

It is not easy to change a stone into jade. How many years will it take? How much pain? What kind of ups and downs do you have to go through to get such a little jade?

The ancients said: jade has five virtues "moist to temperature, benevolence also; Angle thinking from the outside, you can know the middle, the righteousness is also; Its sound shu Yang, especially from afar, the wisdom of the square also; Be indomitable and courageous; Flocculant sharp inexpensive and not found, the party also." Who can generalize if he doesn't thoroughly understand the jade in his hand?

The sun and the moon, the rivers and the earth, we are stones now. Jade is it? Perhaps, the process of life, is a difficult journey from stone to jade?

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