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Think about the price gap between type A and type B in Jadeite angle bracelet

Sitting indoors, I occasionally heard Jacky cheung's songs, the heart waves, looking back on the nearly 30 years of life, can let me move less and less things, become numb and hard. Once 13 years ago, young I sat in the stadium, watching him on the stage and emotional performance, the scene is very grand, the scene effect is good, not ordinary singers can reach, this is why he is called the god of song.

At that time, in a small heart, silently identified the singer as an idol, worship, small to a poster, large to CD will go to buy, sometimes the mother to save lunch money, just to buy a magazine called contemporary singing, there is Jacky cheung's snow Wolf lake seriation. Obsessed with many years, and wrote a lot of feelings and novels to him, in order to be able to pity me as a small fan. Years and months like water to slip, fingers in the grasp, can see only no longer live in the wide gap.

Quietly changing everything, including me, 13 years said long is not long, say short also not short, no road back to the past, the high school carrying bag, wearing school uniform sitting on daddy's bicycle go to the concert, I was gone, my father is old, Jacky cheung also old, is on October 23, he came to my city open half century concert day, half century, yes, at the age of 50, he has ever look online to say time is a kill pig, I think is not accurate.

Pig knife is sharp, a fatal knife, but the years? A dull knife cuts meat without killing it. That day happened to be my birthday, say to buy two tickets to see the lover, they were for my birthday gift, I refused, why, because be afraid, I don't want to see days after him, I don't want to know why everything changed, sometimes think, time can change the view of things, it is people also have their own state of mind, other what also can't change. I will no longer stand feverishly in the stands to shout his name, I will not let myself stand in the evacuation gate for hours to ask for his signature, but he is still him, time is still flowing, but everything can not come back, today heard the jade manchai said that now A goods jade everyone complained about very expensive, ridiculously high. Yes, jade is still that jade, what has changed is people's mentality and their eyes. If I had been asked to buy a piece of jade with a payment of 1000 yuan thirteen years ago, I would have refused, because I have no financial resources and no taste for it. But as I am now, I believe I will, and I will not hesitate to do so for the obvious reasons. Another thirteen years?

The little childlike innocence of a poster as a treasure is no longer, but the pursuit of their favorite treasure heart has not changed, it is enough, isn't it? Dare to ask the audience, what is the value of what is not worth, with what on expensive, with what on cheap. I believe that everyone has a different name in their heart. Some people say that whatever they like, no matter how expensive, is worth it. What they don't like, no matter how cheap, is not worth it. But what I want to say is, when seeing treasure, there is that innocent innocence without impurities? Will there still be collections without any utilitarian purpose? Let anyone say what, oppose what all unmoved, pure obsession with it, can be found? I believe that everyone will hesitate and ponder, why so many things affect our judgment and mood, change the height of the building in our life is becoming more and more variable, just because of mature?

Think of their own do have a lot of deficiencies, just to buy a bracelet, jubilant, I would like to tell the world I have their beloved bracelet, I will love it life will never change. Not a few days, unexpectedly moved the heart that sells it, the reason is to listen to others 1 this is B goods, how? B: is goods a big sin? Can't liking be the most important thing? When I was young, I would still buy a box of cassette tapes regardless of whether it was pirated or not, just because there was a picture of Jacky cheung that I did not have. Or is it more selective that we don't know how to cherish it?

Think of in the '50 s and' 60 s, know from the mother's description, the days of material deprivation and selective rarely, basically no choice, the clothes you wear are all the same, bike riding, wear watches are all the same, the food on the table are the same, even live simple and happy, but my father to have two tickets to the theatre with my mother go to see the exciting day will be singing, and the cinema is only a movie, no choice, people watched carefully and enjoyable.

A few days ago, my wife took me to see a movie and discussed it for a long time just to choose a movie. In this materialistic era, we have lost ourselves in the era of more and more choices. More and more, we are led by the increasingly modern information. Why!!!! Simple, when I decided to sell some bracelets that night I made a terrible dream, wake up to live up to the decision of the bracelet regretted, value to everyone that, like good, happy good, this move your lips can blurt out, but if be firm down will constantly remind yourself heart, be kind to his original choice, small jade is also a spiritual, it will speak, flashy life just would not quiet to listen to their singing, writing at this point, just wanted to say, when we choose a collection of baby they want, determined to choose the right style, no matter what ABC, Just oneself beloved is best, it can accompany you every day rises sunset, cloud roll cloud is comfortable, sit to see wind and rain, firm chase after as you won't change, this just is the essence of treasure jade.

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