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Where is the road to buy jade?

Today I want to tell the story of my friends. Everybody hope to be able to pick up a piece of their own perfect jade, once forgot the rules of nature, natural things will always be defective, like the soul of the universe of human. But often many friends choose jade to pay attention only to its appearance, ignoring its identity, ignoring it as a beautiful jade is also only a piece of spiritual stone. It is the stone that will have the grain, will have the collateral, and the tendons and so on. In the mall, however, most of the bracelets that were seen on the counter were unblemished, not even a small black spot of a stone, let alone a crack. To think of it, there is a lot of artificial carving in the dazzling jade light.

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Those jade articles, which are perfect for people to play with their hands, are priced at a high price, and are often brought home by people. Admittedly, select jade home with, who wear hanging between neck pack pocket that is jade master their own things, has nothing to do with me, I must admit, I want to say is if you can polish eyes, learn more knowledge of jade, is will more opportunities to acquire high quality jade, and back in again after many years, if jade is still in the hands of a beautiful morning star general, that is what a joy. Remember enjoy watching CCTV treasure evaluation program, a lot of treasure people will come up with their own family heirloom, favorite thing in the world came to the concert hall for experts to identify whether it is genuine, and don't talk about the program is good or bad, that in itself is not discussed in this article, is by looking at the show I found a law, but all the people of the hidden treasure present big baby after talking about a story collection, basic experts identified as fakes, (in which only a probability problem doesn't mean all). One of the things that experts often say is: read more and listen less. It is the story of the multi-viewer, the material, and the less embellishing the collection.
A friend once took two bracelet tell me, this is his friend a few years ago on the goods, the closet, now want to clearing, was very cheap, now the price can get looks so good bracelet. I stroked the jade bracelet with admiration, the previous years bracelet, very thorough, the bottom is too pure, and the friend say three or four thousand one can sell to me. At this moment, I was completely immersed in the story he was weaving, with only a few key words in my mind: the last few years, the bottom of the box, clear, good color. These words around me have made me forget to use my knowledge of learning to judge the good and bad of jade bracelets.
To tell the story of individuals, once a married colleagues fell in love with a rich second generation, for the men abandoned the family, just for a better life, but rich second generation transfer target, friends to create bright tomorrow together with colleagues to divorce, divorce colleagues aggrieved this pair of men and women want to revenge. The man is a farmer in a remote mountain area, and the primary school doesn't seem to have graduated.
Here you may see, show things sometimes blinds our eyes, like my friend let me buy bracelets, what a few years ago, what the closet, who can prove that, who's the evidence? Perhaps yesterday just dig out from the soil, bright son is on the table, not have that sentence? It is said that the qianlong period, actually this is the day before the day just made, the carving master at the side to do to shout, quick say want what dynasty, after this dynasty, will not come back.
Each piece of artificial carve jade will be given a beautiful story, in order to confuse our audio-visual, thus there are double eye on how important it is to choose the time of gem jade is not contain the words, some people may complain, no eye, is every child, to the naked eye cannot distinguish good and bad, so it is better to do, see more, learn more, practice more, naturally will understand a few minutes, his mouth is full of jargon, quantity of the stall owners also cannot look!

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